Three ways to increase FMCG sales

FMCGs have lower costs and lower profit margins than durable consumer products. They do, however, sell in greater amounts, giving FMCGs the reputation of “flying off the shelf” with regular purchases. However, before FMCG distributors can take advantage of those high volumes, they must first get their goods onto those shelves, which isn’t always as simple as it seems. Distributors must develop a well-defined and well-honed strategy to stand out among the hundreds of other FMCG distributors competing for limited shelf space.

We’ve reviewed three-pointers to assist you in getting started.

  • To begin, make sure you’ve done your homework on your competition: their costs, volumes, and preferred sources, so you can compete effectively.
  • Second, only sell on consignment if you are sure that your goods will sell quickly and that the vendor will pay you on time.
  • Third, spend time establishing relationships with store owners and managers, as this will contribute to the confidence that is required for effective agreements and partnerships.

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