Prime Hydration 500ml

Prime Hydration 500ml
Prime Hydration 500ml


Brand: PRIME Hydration



Unit/Case: Cases/Pallet: Cases/20 Feet Container: Cases/40 Feet Container: Origin: USA

Introducing PRIME Hydration, the ultimate better-for-you hydration option brought to you by Logan Paul and KSI. This innovative drink is designed to combine exceptional taste with optimal functionality. With zero sugar and 10% coconut water in each sip, PRIME provides effective hydration while tantalizing your taste buds with bold and refreshing flavors. It's the perfect companion to refresh, replenish, and refuel your body during any endeavor. Don't miss out on this hydrating treat – stock up now through Treasure Orbit, a prominent beverage importer and exporter in Dubai. Contact us today for bulk stock enquiries and ensure you never run out of PRIME Hydration!


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