A-List of the Top Personal Care Products Distributors in Dubai

A-List of the Top Personal Care Products Distributors in Dubai

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A-List of the Top Personal Care Products Distributors in Dubai

Fig: A-List of the Top Personal Care Products Distributors in Dubai

Personal care products are a collection of organic mixtures added as ingredients to frame a diversity of consumer products that are extensively used in human everyday life.

They comprise lotions, hair dyes, lipsticks, cosmetics, creams, deodorants, bath soaps, dental care products, shampoos, toothpaste, perfumes, UV filters, detergents, sunscreens, fragrances, and household items.

So, here are some of the top PCP’s distributors in Dubai:

  1. Golden Falcon:

Originated in 1988, Golden Falcon General Trading LLC, an associate of Tariq Al Majid Group, has grown up into an extremely respected position chemical trading company and continues to top the market. Golden Falcon permits its customers to focus on their core business by influencing their proficiency, competence, and long-standing relationships.

Their admirable supply chain administration systems permit them to present advanced solutions to production problems, and their exceptional proficiency means they can offer full production sustenance from product preparation to logistics and advertising. Their product variety contains:

Treasure Orbit is among one of the finest FMCG trading companies in Dubai. They make involvements that change brands, help in rising businesses, and style people’s lives better-quality by making the finest business events to achieve your goals.

Fig: Personal Care Products Distributors

They blend artistic taste with usefulness and build networks with brands in a way that styles them natural, notable, and functioning. Treasure Orbit is the foremost food and beverage distributor in UAE. And are also one of the major personal care products distributors in the UAE.

  1. Kenzi beauty and personal care gear exchange:

Kenzi Beauty and Personal Care Trading was commenced last 2014 in Dubai UAE. They have a comprehensive line of Salon, Spa Products, Cetaphil moisturizing cream, and Consumables. Now they have also already added an extensive variety of Beauty and Personal Care Products with premium worth and the finest brands.

Fig: Cetaphil moisturizing cream

Devoted to offering quality products and equipment that benefits spas and salons be more fruitful. With an enormous collection of high-quality brands to choose from with inexpensive pricing, their purpose is to make life calmer for their customers by safeguarding that their variety of products is of the finest quality, promptly accessible, easy to order, and transported on time.

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