3 Interesting Things About The Famous Snack Pringles

3 Interesting Things About The Famous Snack Pringles

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Fig: Pringles Supplier Story: 3 Interesting things to know about this famous snack

For decades this ingenious snack has graced the shelves of stores all over the globe, enticing customers looking for a quick and crisp treat. Everything from their design to the packaging sets the food item apart from the rest.

So let us take a look at a few things that makes this snack a regular among many a Pringles supplier across the world:

  1. Pringles Supplier - Chip Making At Its Finest

There was the issue of the chip crumbs remaining at the bottom of the bag after being broken during transportation. Crispy, greasy, and in perfect condition, Pringles was intended to be a remedy for all of these obstacles.

  1. A Reason Behind That Unique Shape

There were a lot of scientists working hard to design a very specific structure before Pringles came out in 1967 and for good reason! Experts spent time calculating the perfect shape to guarantee that the aerodynamics of the chips would remain intact until they reached customers. The seat shape, made by scientist Fredric Baur, is known as an "exaggerated paraboloid."

  1. Technically Not A Potato Chip

Fig: Technically not a potato chip

The FDA ruled in 1975 that Pringles could only be called "chips" if they provided a disclaimer stating that they were "potato chips made from dried potatoes," even though the recipe calls for dehydrated processed potato. That concept was shelved, and Pringles rebranded them as potato "crisps."

More than 140 countries now have a Pringles supplier and the brand shows no sign of stopping. The Pringles brand has had a fascinating ride through history and is known for its extraordinary can that Pringles chips come in.

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