From World War II to NASA: 4 Fun-Facts about Quaker Oats

From World War II to NASA: 4 Fun-Facts about Quaker Oats

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Fig. Quaker Oats Supplier in Dubai - 4 Fun-facts about Quaker Oats

If you are in search of healthier breakfast options, Quaker Oats is an esteemed brand that should not be overlooked. Quaker Oats has been a timeless staple in the FMCG industry, earning a reputation for its sustainable sourcing practices that make it a trusted Quaker Oats Supplier in Dubai.

This beloved breakfast staple has successfully established itself as a reliable provider of Quaker Oats in Dubai. FMCG Distributors and Suppliers are raving about Quaker Oats for good reason. Let us delve into the captivating history of this remarkable brand, shall we?

A Humble Start

Quaker Oats was established by Henry Parsons Crowell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1901 as an oat milling business and has grown exponentially ever since its humble origins. Crowell played an instrumental role in popularizing oatmeal as a nutritious breakfast choice, and his commitment to quality helped drive Quaker Oats forward to global success.

The Quaker Man 

Quaker Man was not an actual Quaker himself - instead, the character was inspired by 19th-century stereotypes of Quakers as trustworthy and honest, reflecting company values at that time. However, Quaker Man is a powerful symbol of integrity; although his image may have evolved with time, it still symbolizes honesty.

Quaker Oats and NASA


Fig: Quaker Oats and NASA

Quaker Oats was an unexpected part of space exploration history when, on the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, astronaut Eugene Cernan took a bite out of Quaker Oats as the inaugural meal on the moon! This historic event demonstrated reliability and nutrition for this iconic brand under extreme conditions.

So, the next time you dream of becoming an astronaut, remember that Quaker Oats might be a part of your space diet!

Quaker Oats and World War II

Quaker Oats has long been recognized for their charitable giving. During World War II, millions of packages of oatmeal were sent directly to Allied troops as food aid supplies from them; moreover, Quaker Oats was involved with several charity initiatives as a part of its commitment to communities worldwide.


Quaker Oats remains a beloved breakfast brand worldwide and an esteemed Quaker Oats supplier in Dubai and around the globe, offering an assortment of oats-based products designed to cater to various tastes and dietary needs. These fun facts reveal its rich heritage and an emphasis on quality nutrition.

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