A Comprehensive Guide to FMCG Importers and Exporters in UAE

A Comprehensive Guide to FMCG Importers and Exporters in UAE

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A Comprehensive Guide to FMCG Importers and Exporters in UAE

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) are the type of products that get sold quite quickly at a comparatively low cost. Such goods are also called consumer-packaged goods. These FMCGs have a higher consumer demand due to which it has short shelf life. Some of the FMCG products can be soft drinks, confections, meat, dairy products, and baked goods. These goods have a high turnover as they are purchased very recurrently, are consumed speedily, and are also priced quite other compared to other goods and are also sold usually in large quantities.

FMCG goods fall under the nondurable category under the different types of consumer goods and also hold a large segment in the same. The other category that comes under consumer goods is durable goods. Durable goods are goods that have a shelf life of three or more years whereas the other category named nondurable is called so because they are consumed immediately and have a short shelf life. Approximately everyone in the world today uses FMCG goods in their everyday lives.

Exporting is defined as the sale of products and services in foreign countries that are used or made in the home country. Importing is the flipside of exporting. Importing refers to buying goods and services from foreign their ces and bringing them back into the home country. Importing is also known as global cling.

Exporting is an effective entry strategy for companies that are just beginning to enter a new foreign market. It’s a low-cost, low-risk option compared to the other strategies. These same reasons make exporting a good strategy for small and midsize companies that can’t or won’t make a significant financial investment in the international market.

Companies can sell into a foreign country either through a local distributor or through their salespeople. Many government's export-trade offices can help a company find a local distributor. Increasingly, the Internet has provided a more efficient way for foreign companies to find local distributors and enter into commercial transactions.

Distributors are export intermediaries who represent the company in the foreign market. Often, distributors represent many companies, acting as the “face” of the company in that country, selling products, providing customer service, and receiving payments. In many cases, the distributors take title to the goods and then resell them. Companies use distributors because distributors know the local market and are a cost-effective way to enter that market.

Here is a list of a few FMCG importers and FMCG exporters in the UAE:


  • Winterkorn Global Trading Pvt Ltd:

Winterkorn Import & Export Global Trading Pty Ltd is grounded in Northern Cape, South Africa. They offer their consumers and customers diverse grocery items and also additional products like Sanitizers, face masks, gloves, and much more. One can get almost everything at one stop and therefore you do not have to look to diverse places for unlike products. The grocery items comprise basmati rice, alfalfa hay, dried chili, turmeric powder, flax seeds, garlic, ginger, oil, cheese, and abundant more.

If it is tough for you to go out every day to purchase vegetables and fruits, with just one click you will get fresh and clean fruits and vegetables transported to your home straight. The basis of their products is from renowned and dependable producers and transport them to you. Therefore, their products are consistent and decent to use.


  • Emirate Global Aluminium:

They are a united worldwide aluminum manufacturer, with processes from mine to metal. They work with aluminum smelteries in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, an alumina processing plant in Abu Dhabi, a bauxite mine, and connected export amenities in the Republic of Guinea.

The very idea of the UAE charming a chief aluminum producer was their age revolution. Sheikh Rashid took together people from their country and from place to place from the world to make it a truth. They mean they have abundant more to do – for the world, for the societies in which they function, for them all as EGA’s people, and for their stakeholders. They have brave ambitions in each of these zones, which they must accomplish in the eras ahead. Their philosophy is the substratum on which they shape. Everybody at EGA assisted define the standards that they cooperatively have faith in that are vital for success.


  • My Brand Perfumes:

My Brand Perfumes is UAE’s Foremost perfumes seller with a dazzling selection of International Luxury brands with 6 provisions across the UAE.

After obtaining 25 years old celebrated previous retail chain outlet, MBP is – a recognized retail chain outlet retailing Luxury perfumes and products in the ever-growing market of the Middle East.  From the broadest collection of genuine luxury products, MBP offers an inclusive collection of fragrances, Watches, Makeup, cufflinks, and fittings.

MBP emphasizes the progressive creation of perfumes cooperating with their French fragrance partner to create, manufacture and distribute the handpicked perfumes.

They also sustain building, creating, and emerging forte brands for their respected customers, eminent celebrities, and renowned personalities across the Middle East representing heights of flair. Combination of inspiration and innovation, they create long-lasting reminiscences for their clients. To be an internationally prominent manufacturer and distributor of perfume that can create the best and most enduring aroma, devoted to attracting natural beauty and creating everlasting recollections.

To set new standards in the Perfume Manufacturing Industry by the contribution of high-quality products for universal distribution at a reasonable cost at the right time and stand as a comprehensive leader in the business by exhibiting inspiration and modernization in Perfume Manufacturing Industry.

 To emphasize creating fragrances that not only exceed their customer’s prospects but also conspire the depths of their customers and make them end they’re to build a maintainable connection with us.


  • Atharva International Trade:

AITRA is globally identified as one of the fastest-growing unified agricultural supply chain groups. Their international functioning units are deliberately located across 12 countries and are accountable inter alia for obtaining, warehousing, dispensing, and manufacturing of ended goods. They also have a specialization in transferring and distributing their products, driving brand evolution. They have the utmost respect for cohesion and alterations is a core founding belief of their business. They trust that for AITRA to advance respect as a company, they must first give it to others – including their workforces, clients, service providers, bankers, investors, governments, and assistance agencies. Their transparency, reliable values, and work standards motivate trust in all who cooperate with their Group. They are uninterruptedly cultivating themselves as they build a truly maintainable business in a progressively inexpensive regional and international market. AITRA functions in emerging economies, where daily life is often a struggle. The small-scale farmers of these areas are serious sponsors to the final success of their company, and by working collectively justly and honestly, they build the fundamentals for reciprocally valuable long-term growth.

  • Serco International Trading Company:

Serco International trading was recognized in UAE, and Dubai in 2003 to become a worldwide respected brand in the export and import of beauty products, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, and FMCG products. During the past 15 years, Serco has grown into a multi-layered international organization that is engrossed in the below-mentioned products and services groupings:


  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Homecare & Skincare products
  • Foodstuff – Processed food and Agricultural raw grains trading (Import and Export)
  • Chemical Raw material & Healthcare products ingredients
  • Consultancy, design, and procurement of manufacturing lines and processing plants

Serco Int. obligates to superiority, value & appropriateness and is familiar with attaining it every time. They have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team that answers customer orders on time and safeguard them to deliver them with the best inexpensive prices. They-qualified & knowledgeable staff will ensure you uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across their supply chain. Serco is enthusiastic about reinstating stronger ties with its existing markets and adding building its markets internationally. Their market reach has progressed from starting with the provincial GCC markets into connecting different continents of Europe, Asia, America, and Africa thus turning into a truly international presence overpowering the outdated local market boundaries of the Middle East.


  • Arabian Importers and Exporters:

They come to the substantial world of Arabian Importers and Exporters FZC. Since their formation as a trading and manufacturing in the year, 2005 at SAIF ZONE SHARJAH UAE, they have been passionately affianced in the manufacture and supply of unmatched Switchgear Panel Packing, Commercial Plywood, Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets, Plywood Boxes, Wooden Crates, etc. The magnificence of Marketable plywood and wooden pallets manufactured by them is simply unrivaled. Since they manufacture only optimal quality products, they are calculated amongst some trustworthy plywood box manufacturers and suppliers, based in the UAE.

Their team of carpenters can visit and take dimensions as per stipulations and make Plywood Boxes for switchgear panel stuffing, Wooden boxes, Pallets, etc accordingly. They make extra-strong palettes to carry weighty items if mandatory. Also, they do sea wealth packing & normal packing with Packing constituents like bubble wrap, stretch film, etc… with extreme care. They also are specific in manufacturing and household items packing. They are always at your service and at all times. So, one can feel free to contact them.

Their steadiness in sustaining the customers has led them to be the foremost pallet manufacturers and pacers in the UAE. Being specialists in pallet manufacturing and packing, they guarantee excellent service without conciliatory to their valued customers. Openness and constancy in the interior of their services aided them to grow in the market.

The factory is positioned in the Sharjah Airport Free zone and being close to the port also helps their customers’ needs. They look frontward to helping their customers and ensuring their care & attention throughout their services.


  • Rasti Lari General Trading Co LLC

Recognized in the 1920s by their founders Haji Zainal Rasti & Mohamed B. Rasti. The Rasti Lari Multinational Group was set up in Dubai, U.A.E. After 79 years in 1999, the company was named again by the sons of Haji Zainal Rasti with a similar neck and neck of pledge and visualization to form the Rasti Lari Group of Companies.

Rasti Lari is a multi-national group engaged in a variety of business activities, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its activities contain import, export, wholesale, and retail. The Group collaborates with some of the important suppliers in the world and is involved in acquiring a variety of high-quality products that comprise Foodstuff items, Confectionery, Household, Batteries, Sundries, Toys, etc.

The Rasti Lari Group has an extensive market base, which covers the entire U.A.E as they’ll as the global market attendance precisely Asian Countries and the Middle East.

Their Head Office and the main Rasti Lari showroom are situated in the Group’s building in the heart of Dubai’s comprehensive market -Al Ras, near the world-famous Gold Souq in Deira, Dubai. It has its self-owned expansive warehouses. The Group through 100 years old, still owns a young essence and imaginings to reach advanced levels of success year after year.


  • Treasure Orbit: Treasure Orbit is among the best FMCG trading companies in Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, and India. Their global crew of trade specialists will get on your queries with desire and eagerness, bringing results far beyond your prospects. They are alert, flexible, quick, approachable, and adaptive. They are fervent about joining with good people and establishments to deliver extraordinary custom trade resolutions. They make experiences that convert brands, help in growing businesses, and style people’s lives improved by making the finest business occasions in order to attain your goal line. They combine aesthetics with effectiveness and build connections with brands in a way that styles them instinctive, memorable, and operative.

These were a few selected FMCG exporters and FMCG importers that have a well-known reputation in the import-export market of the FMCG industry. They provide a wide range of features to their clients to enhance their productivity and customer relations. These can be considered the most reliable and consistent FMCG importers as well as an amazing bunch of FMCG exporters that provide great service and build an amazing standard in the respective market.

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